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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about the CSRS™.


Below we answer commonly-asked questions about the CSRS.™ You can always email us if you have additional questions.

How much do the courses cost?

Our courses cost $200/course when you register for all four courses ($800.00 total), or $210 to attend one course. Although we provide you with a wealth of materials provided by 4 highly-experienced faculty, the cost per course is extremely competitive with other national CEU courses.

Where have you hosted the courses previously? Where will you host courses in the future?

Our previous regional course locations have included Las Vegas, NV, Indianapolis, IN, Chicago, IL, Seattle, WA, Houston, TX, Jacksonville, FL, Ranchos Los Amigos (CA), Louisville, KY, Charleston, SC, Tampa, FL, Raleigh, NC, Charleston, SC, Tulsa, OK, Rochester, NY, and Salem, NH (just north of Boston, MA), to name just a few.

Course locations are always listed on the website as soon as we have confirmed them. Other sites are almost always under consideration but we will not post them on the site until they are confirmed.

We tend to alternate regions (e.g., Southwest, Northeast US) as much as possible from year to year, but will occasionally repeat a location

Is the CSRS® “recognized” by professional organizations?  Is it approved by professional organizations? What do I do to ensure the course counts toward my credentialing?

Professional organizations like the American Physical Therapy Association and the American Occupational Therapy Association don’t formally “recognize” courses, although they do sometimes promote certain courses or certifications (e.g., their annual conferences; their specialty certifications). So the CSRS® is not “recognized,” since no such recognition exists by these organizations.

We do, however, have CEU approval from states that pre-approve courses. We are also an AOTA-approved provider. In some states it is incumbent on the licensee to take CE courses that meet the requirements of their state rules. More information on our continuing education approvals is available elsewhere on this site. Attendees are encouraged to check with their state licensure boards for specific requirements.

Why don’t you offer the CSRS® for speech therapists, nurses, recreation therapists, or other allied health professionals?

Our CSRS instructors are PTs and OT’s. The knowledge and scope of practice between these two disciplines are similar (and in some cases overlapping) and it is usual for CEU courses to be offered to these two groups. Because of these similarities, the course covers content pertaining to theories, assessments, and treatments that mostly pertain to these two related areas. In contrast, other allied health professions’ scopes of practice are sufficiently different from these fields that a separate course would be needed to provide an advanced certification for these professionals at adequate depth.

Are OTA’s and PTA’s permitted to complete the certification?


Do you offer private CSRS® courses to specific facilities?

We do sometimes offer private courses. Please use the “contact us” page to inquire about this possibility.

If you are interested in one of our team members coming to your facility and providing tailor-made content to your group – which could include materials from the CSRS – check out our stroke recovery sampler option.

Do you offer the course in a distance-based format?

No. We value distance based education courses greatly. In fact, a number of us teach continuing education webinars, which are discussed elsewhere on this site. However, the CSRS® curriculum contains a number of “hands on” components that are best taught in person so that we can review the skills and assure that participants’ are competent and comfortable with the skills being taught.

Is it true that all course materials are electronic? 

Yes; before the course, you will be given a log in address and password where you can obtain all of the course materials in pdf format. Use of this format offers several advantages over printed course booklets: (a)  the electronic format that we use allows you to download and print the course materials so that they are in a printed format, if you wish. However, you can also keep the files electronically, and view course materials on a smartphone, tablet, or computer from virtually anywhere and without a bulky booklet. You can also enlarge or shrink your view of the materials, as well as searching the documents for particular terms or concepts. These capabilities are simply not possible when traditional paper formats are used with bulky books. (b) using electronic materials also saves money that would otherwise be spent on the costs of printing and shipping the books to each course site. This is how we are able to remain competitive with the costs of other courses (about $200/course), yet include 4 different, senior level speakers and a wealth of materials; (c) this practice saves paper; ((d) The electronic portal that we use also lets us provide attendees with extra materials such as movies, mp3 audio files, and other materials that will enhance understanding of the course. We ccan upload these materials – or other materials that attendees request – during the course with a few keystrokes.

If I take the exam, is there a separate certification fee?

Yes. Much like the fee that you pay for your therapy licensure and license renewal, there is a fee for obtaining the certification and for when you renew (every 2 years).

One difference between the CSRS certification fees that you pay and those that you might pay for another course (or for state licensure fees) is that the testing fee is tax deductible, and paid to the American Stroke Association. One hundred percent of the monies you pay go back into research nd services to stroke survivors.