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Stroke Recovery Sampler

Have One of Our Team Members Taylor-Make and Present a Course to Your Staff or Community!

Are you interested in hosting an 8 hour seminar for your staff or community clinicians? Or perhaps you’re seeking in-depth coverage of a particular topic featured in one of our seminars or webinars? Our team can help!

All of our faculty teach at well-recognized universities, are experienced clinicians, and teach separate, 8-hour, continuing education seminars, and shorter webinars.

We can provide your group with timely, in-depth, presentations in a variety of topic areas: a “sampling” of the most pressing issues and evidence based treatments in stroke rehabilitation!.

“Sample” one of our delicious and informative segments from a recent CSRS® course. Or combine these topics with topics such as kinesiology taping, gait and balance for the neurologically impaired patient, modified constraint induced therapy, management of the hemiplegic shoulder, or a combination of these and other areas.  We can also collaborate with your team to focus the content around specialized topics that are important to you and your patients!.

To learn more, contact our business administrator, Katherina Roberts, directly. We will set up a time to speak with you thereafter. Due to the time required to obtain CEU approval and instructors’ travel and teaching schedules, we usually book these courses 9 to 12 months in advance.