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Stroke Recovery Toolbox


Join Dr. Page to develop a “toolbox” of evaluation tools and treatment strategies for people with stroke, from the days following stroke to the community and home settings!

Learn easy, free ways to find the best evidence to support your treatments, stroke-specific, validated evaluation tools to gauge patient progress and improve reimbursement, and effective treatment strategies.

Frequently-seen impairments, and the theory and effectiveness of common treatments and technologies are discussed, including approaches to spasticity, shoulder pain, ambulation, and hemiparesis. Video cases and hands on “breakouts” complement didactic information. The course is hierarchically organized so that knowledge and treatments discussed build on previously-presented information. Expand your treatment and assessment toolbox with this stimulating course!

Example topics:

  • yoga for post stroke balance, gait, and QOL
  • spasticity assessment and management
  • UE and LE bilateral training
  • functional neuroanatomy and neurophysiology
  • modified constraint-induced therapy
  • …and more!

Contact our business administrator to host this course at your facility.