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Meet and Treat™

Want some help adding new or complex assessments and/or approaches to your clinic? We will travel to your facility, discuss how to apply them in the morning, and show you how to apply them – including demonstrating the techniques with YOUR clients — in the afternoon!

How's It Work?

For a flat fee, one of our team members travels to your hospital. In the morning, we deliver didactic materials (you know; they talk with slides and demonstrations). In the afternoon, the speaker will see clients with you, and practice administering the approach taught in the morning! Typical courses run from 8 PM to 4 PM, depending on speaker travel.

CEU’s for the entire day are covered by us, as are speaker travel and lodging. Your site is responsible for any catering, allocation of space, and any other local needs. As with the CSRS,™ all materials are delivered on a dedicated, secured site specifically for your course.

Current topics that we offer:

  • Strategies for gait, balance, and mobility
  • Modified constraint-induced therapy
  • Transcranial direct current stimulation for post-stroke motor recovery (i.e., brain stimulation)
  • Kinesiology taping

If your team has a topic area in which they’re interested (e.g., cognition; evidence-based practice), we can work with you to tailor content to meet your needs.

Want to learn more? Contact our business administrator.