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CSRS Exam and Recertification

The CSRS™ Exam

The CSRS™ examination is administered and managed by the American Stroke Association. As with any other continuing education course, you must attend all four courses and sign in and out on all days to receive continuing education credits for your attendance, and to sit for the exam; this our only way to verify your attendance after the course has concluded to licensure boards and other groups.

After successfully completing the four-seminar series, you will be eligible to take the CSRS™ exam. The 3-hour exam is online, and consists of 100 questions based on material covered during the four-part CSRS™ series. You will have three months after completion of your Level 4 CSRS™ course to take the exam.

Successful test completion with a score of 80 percent or above grants the CSRS™ credentials. After passing the CSRS™ examination, certified therapists may use the “CSRS” credential after their professional credentials.

The fee to become certified and maintain the certification for 2 years is $150 for National Stroke Association members* and $175 for non-members. This tax-deductible certification fee is analagous to fees associated with state licensure for therapists, and covers administration of the exam and subsequent certification. If you should have questions about the test, please email our team members at the National Stroke Association


CSRS™ certificants are passionate clinician-specialists and advocates for outstanding, evidence based stroke care. To maintain current CSRS™ certification, 16 hours of continuing education specific to stroke rehabilitation is required every two years. The recertification process will use online reporting; 10 percent of applicants will be subject to an audit of their continuing education coursework.

*To learn about National Stroke Association membership program, please call (303) 754-0934 or email at [email protected]