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CSRS™ Exam and CSRS™ Renewal

The CSRS™ Exam

As with any other continuing education course, you must attend all four courses (one virtual; 3 in-person) and sign in and out on all days to receive continuing education credits for your attendance, and to sit for the exam. Your signature (electronic or live) is our only way to verify your attendance to licensure boards and for certification testing to occur.

After successfully completing the four-seminar series, you will be eligible to take the CSRS™ exam. The 3-hour exam is online, and consists of 100 questions based on material covered during the four-part CSRS™ series. You will have three months after completion of your Level 4 CSRS™ course to take the exam.

Successful test completion with a score of 80 percent or above grants the CSRS™ credentials. After passing the CSRS™ examination, certified therapists may use the “CSRS” credential after their professional credentials.

The fee to become certified is $150.

CSRS™ Renewal

CSRS™ certificants are passionate clinician-specialists, and advocates for outstanding, evidence based, stroke care. Accordingly, to maintain CSRS™ certification, 16 hours of continuing education that is specific to stroke rehabilitation is required every two years. The cost for renewal is $100.00.

Ready to renew your certification? We will send you an online form to complete a couple of months prior to time for your 2-year renewal. Complete the form, making sure to confirm that you have completed 16 hours of stroke-specific content over the past two years, and click “submit.” You’ll then be directed to a PayPal site where you can pay the renewal/recertification fee. After providing payment, you will receive an automated confirmation  message from us, and your credit card will be charged by PayPal. You will also receive a new certificate via email within 4 days of renewal.

About 10% of our renewals are randomly chosen for auditing. If you are selected for auditing, we will send you a separate online form. The form will provide you a link through which you can upload copies of your certificates of attendance verifying your experiences/coursework.

What Continuing Education Options Count Towards My Renewal?  Approved documentation may include continuing education unit transcripts or letters from national organizations, college transcripts or proof of attendance at in-services, seminars or workshops. Approved continuing education options for CSRS requirements include:

  • Attendance or presentations at state, national and/or international conferences with lectures related to stroke or neuro-rehabilitation. One hour of contact or instruction equals one hour of continuing education
  • Continuing education courses directly discussing or closely related to stroke rehabilitation. Courses explicitly dedicated to other diagnoses, general stroke courses/inservices, hospital “skill checks,” and courses related to acute stroke care will not be accepted. If you have questions about whether content qualifies, please contact Dr. Page at
  • Facility in-services related to stroke (in-services, lectures or workshops provided within the work environment). One hour of contact or instruction equals one hour of continuing education.
  • Webinars that are professionally oriented and related to stroke.
  • Published articles. Authors of stroke rehabilitation-related articles can apply credits toward their CE requirement. Peer-reviewed journals are preferred but not required. Newsletter articles do not apply. Primary authors can receive three contact hours per article; secondary authors can receive two contact hours.
  • Research activities (i.e.,therapists contributing to a research project focusing on stroke rehabilitation). A letter from the primary investigator of the published research article and a copy of the article must be submitted for credit. One contact hour will be awarded for each project.

Questions? Please contact our business administrator at