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CSRS 2021 Format and Schedule

2021 Format

In response to requests for more courses – and to reduce costs to attendees – we have revised our format. The CSRS course series will still be 4 days. However, Day 1 lessons will be administered through this website using an online learning management system.  The system tracks each attendee’s progress through the lessons. Registrants will have several weeks to review the online materials. Day 1’s lessons cover foundational content that must be completed prior to attending Days 2, 3, and 4 of the series.

CSRS Days 2, 3, and 4 will be provided live, and occur in a Friday-Saturday-Sunday format.

2021 Schedule:

Courses may become virtual, pending state, federal, and facility guidelines. Changes in course location or status will be announced on our Facebook page, as well as on this site.

Date Location Status
2/12-14/2021 VIRTUAL SOLD OUT (January 8-10 Course Was Rescheduled)
3/12-14/2021 VIRTUAL Registration Opening 2/16/21
4/23-25/2021 VIRTUAL Registration Opening 2/16/21
5/21-23/2021 VIRTUAL Registration Opening 2/16/21
6/25-27/2021 WEST ORANGE, NJ Registration Opening 3/25/21
7/9-11/2021 CHARLESTON, SC Registration Opening 3/25/21
8/20-22/2021 RALEIGH, NC Registration Opening 3/25/21
9/10-12/2021 LAGUNA HILLS, CA Registration Opening 3/25/21
11/19-21/2021 JUPITER, FL Registration Opening 3/25/21
12/3-5/2021 CHATTANOOGA, TN Registration Opening 3/25/21