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CSRS Days 2,3,4 Charleston, SC 2022

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Welcome to the “live” portion of the course (Days 2, 3, and 4). You will find both power point slides and any auxiliary/reference materials for each lesson below. The materials appear in the order in which each lesson will occur.

As a reminder, most files are in Adobe. Adobe is a free software platform that will let you download and write on the handouts, enlarge them for easier viewing, search the files for key terms, and print them as many times as you wish.  You can download the latest, free, version of Adobe Acrobat Reader here.

Alternatively, PDFSam Basic is a free software package that also allows you to merge the separate course files together, and to manipulate the pdfs in other ways, if you’d like.

Day 2 Live Materials:

Talk 1:  Neuroanatomy

Talk 1a: Neuroanatomy resources

Talk 2_UE Assessment

Talk 2a: UE Assessment supplemental materials (reference)

Talk 2b:  Fugl-Meyer manual (reference)

Talk 2.c.1: AMAT Manual (reference)

Talk 2.c.2:  AMAT testing template (reference)

Talk 3 LE Assessment ppt_Day 1_Talk 4_2022

Talk 4 Motor Learning Cases 2022

Talk 5:  Vision

Talk 6: Perceptual Processes and Assessments

Talk 6a:  Catherine Bergego Scale (reference)

Talk 6b: Apraxia vs Ataxia (reference)

Talk 6c:  TULIA (reference)

Talk 6d:  USN Pocket-Card (reference)

Talk 7: Balance_2022

LAB-Handout-FINAL-for-JJ-INFO-Day 1 and 2022


Day 3 Live Materials:

Talk 1: The Hemiparetic Upper Extremity (all morning)

Talk 1a: Core Strengthening Lab

Talk 1b: Basic Support Strategies with Pillows (reference)

Talk 1c: Hemi-Shoulder Support Strategies (reference)

Talk 1d:  Treatments for Shoulder Subluxation (reference)

Talk 1e:  Acupressure Points for Post-stroke Shoulder Pain (reference)

Talk 1f:  Home Program Activities (reference)

Talk 2:  Executive Function 

Talk 3a_Spasticity Intro and Upper Extremity Spasticity Interventions (before lunch)

Talk 3b_Assessment and Lower Extremity Spasticity Interventions (after lunch 6.22)

Talk 3a:  MAS Sheet (reference)

Talk 3b:  Botox Communications Form (reference)

Talk 4: LE ESTIM 

ESTIM lab packet_2022 (reference)

Talk 5a: Virtual Lab Activities

Talk 5b: General Lab Activities 


Day 4 Live Materials:

Talk 1: Functional_Mobility_Gait_2022

Talk 1a: Function-LAB-Handout-Strategies-Day 3 JJ Info 2022

Talk 1b: Gait Template 2022

Talk 2a: Orthotic Management

Talk 2b: Orthotics AFO ppt and AFO_DF assist Chart JJ 2022

Talk 2c: Adaptive Shoes Handout

Talk 3:  Kinesiology Taping lab

Talk 4: Case study