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CSRS Day 1

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Welcome to the CSRS, Day 1!

The first day of the CSRS course is online only, using this learning management system.

During Day 1, you will be introduced to foundational concepts that underscore all of the treatments and resources that you will learn when we are together. Therefore, although these materials are not “live,” they are considered critical to your ability to be successful in this course series. You can also expect that the information covered in these materials will appear on the CSRS Examination.

You will have about a month to review these materials prior to the start of your course, and you’ll have access to the materials for 6 months following the course. The learning management system will monitor your progress in these materials, and will notify us regarding completion of all assigned materials. Failure to review all of the materials prior to your course may result in a delay in your participation in the course.