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A New Format for CSRS, Beginning in 2021

You Requested More Courses; We Listened

To meet the demand for more courses – and to save attendees money and time – the CSRS will take on a slightly-different format, beginning in 2021.

  • The course series will continue to consist of four, 7-8-hour days.
  • CSRS Day 1 will provide foundational information, which will be delivered virtually through an online learning-management system.
  • Attendees will be given password access to the online platform about one month prior to the “live” portions.
  • The platform monitors each learner’s progress in the Day 1 course modules. Learners must complete all portions of the online learning modules prior to attending the “live” course. Individuals who do not complete these modules will not be permitted to attend the live course components.
  • The “live” portions of the course (CSRS Days 2, 3, and 4) will take place in person, on a single weekend, in a Friday-Saturday-Sunday format. These courses will intentionally link foundational components to treatment strategies through labs and other “hands-on” experiences.

This single-weekend format will allow us to provide more hands-on content, while also reducing the amount of travel for attendees from two weekends to one weekend.

If you should have questions about this new format, please feel free to contact our business administrator.